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Our pioneering hygienic handle really works, here’s how!

We were shocked that a staggering 95% of people do not wash their hands properly, and even with the recent Covid lessons, we need to do better. This motivated our development of the Axiene Clean Touch system to improve health and safety standards in public buildings.

To explain more, we describe how Axiene works and where it is suitable to be used.

How does it work?

The Axiene hygienic door handle is a standard size handle that can replace existing pull handles without any need for power or other hook-ups. The aluminium core is coated and treated to encourage the transfer of a fluid from the reservoir to the touch surface of the handle – much like an absorbent paper towel, although much stronger. The fluid is a safe and certified disinfectant that continually wicks and replenishes across the surface to provide active protection against 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and surface condition of <0.1cfu’s/m2 (colony forming units).

Once a person uses the handle, they are touching a surface that is coated by safe disinfectant and kills bacteria in seconds. This protects the surface for both the current user and the next person. The surface feels cold without feeling wet and this provides a secondary benefit of a light disinfection of the users hands. Although this isn’t a replacement for normal hand hygiene, it enhances the users safety.

Axiene’s innovative technology also improves sustainability as Axiene uses less disinfectant than typical shot-per-use dispensers. This provides a big saving with reduced operating costs and reduced waste.

Axiene is provided with SMART enabled functionality via the Axiene web-app. This allows us to monitor Axiene product installations, send notifications of maintenance and to simplify consumable supply to ensure that your Axiene Clean Touch system provides optimum performance to protect everyone. All of this information will be available via the Axiene portal where you can track the status of every single door handle that you own.

Axiene is designed to be user-friendly, bug-unfriendly and maintainer-simple.


Where can it be used?

Recently, hygiene has been more critical than ever before and its clear that the practice deserves some focus when you realise that bacteria is found on more than 95% of all door handles, across all business sectors. This is very relevant when we consider that nearly 80% of illness-causing germs are spread by hands so, innovative high-touch hygiene becomes key in terms of infection risk management.

Post-pandemic, we are seeing the return of ‘normal’ life with offices, schools and restaurants starting to reopen again but health and hygiene will remain a priority for all premises. Axiene can be used by businesses and institutions to improve the health of their facilities, boost the confidence of their employees or visitors and demonstrate their own duty-of-care as a responsible and caring organisation. Axiene helps society and local environment by reducing cross-contamination risk with a positive impact on public health and reduced healthcare / commercial costs to help establishments reopen more safely.

From offices to hotels, With Axiene fitted to your high-touch doors, you can be sure that your hygiene is in safe hands.

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