How Can Axiene Enhance Public Spaces?

The events of the past few years and the lessons from the Covid pandemic have brought about a new-normal with a greater awareness of hygiene and the standards of cleanliness in public spaces.

As a startup company working to provide hygiene solutions, Glana Ltd strives to support businesses or institutions who provide facilities and spaces for public or multi-person use. We strongly believe in Axiene’s ability to improve public safety by reducing infection risk, and improve sustainability by reducing waste; revolutionising public facilities with new technology to suit the new-normal.


Axiene will not only provide a clean touch surface for everyone to use in confidence but it will also make your public space more reputable.


Public Toilets

Public toilets will benefit by installing Axiene. A recent YouGov survey found that 27% of all adults in the UK often avoid using a public toilet over concerns of cleanliness – consider how many times you have used a public toilet and avoided touching the door handle.

Axiene will not only provide a clean touch surface for everyone to use in confidence but it will also make your public space more reputable; visitors will appreciate the efforts your business is making to improve the customer experience. Greater public confidence in the hygiene standards of your facilities will lead to greater awareness of your business.



Hospitals, clinics and care homes clearly play a critical role where facility hygiene is key in ensuring patient, resident, visitor or staff safety.

Every person who is in a healthcare setting is at risk of contracting an infection. Maintaining a high level of health and hygiene is paramount to stopping the spread of illnesses and protecting people to ensure continuing care and support to those who desperately need it.


NHS estimates that the cost of 1 person in hospital for 1 day is £3894. Improved infection control reduces or prevents hospitalisation, providing a saving, a positive economic contribution and improved wellbeing.


Axiene helps reduce cross-contamination risk with a positive impact on public health and reduced healthcare / commercial costs.



Hotels and restaurants, offices and shops, universities and schools are all returning to full use and accessibility and business owners will need to ensure extra measures to improve hygiene are taken and that visitors are safe. Indeed, there is a duty-of-care on the owners to demonstrate that they are looking after people.

Visitors rely on the businesses who offer these facilities to provide a safe environment. Many organisations have invested in new cleaning facilities and new hand sanitiser points in public spaces. However, it is difficult to ensure that these cleaning facilities are used. The YouGov survey found that 13% of adults in the UK admitted to not sanitising their hands before or after every use of a door handle during the pandemic with this number increasing post-pandemic.

Axiene provides door handles with treated touch surfaces for public spaces and removes the responsibility for hand hygiene from people, replacing this with new technology to improve the safety of the touch surface.

Developing public spaces to enhance public health and hygiene is essential to the new-normal world. Axiene can do this and take hygiene in public spaces to a new level.

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