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Enhancing Business Hygiene Standards with the Axiene Clean Touch System

We all need to use washrooms throughout the day whether at work, in classrooms, travelling, shopping or relaxing at sports clubs or restaurants. Having simple hygiene protection in place means that we should all feel comfortable using facilities that are clean and safe. Surely that’s not too much to ask? 

It has been well recognised and understood that, if good cleaning standards are not maintained, poor hygiene can have an impact on business perception and ultimately business turnover. According to previous research by Cintas Corporation, responses indicated that the following business sectors were at risk of losing custom if they offered dirty restrooms to customers. The data showed the proportion of patrons who would avoid re-using businesses with poor cleanliness standards:

Restaurants – 79%

Hotels – 79%

Health Care Facilities – 77%

Supermarkets – 50%

Retail Stores – 45%

Gas Stations – 45%

Car Dealerships – 39%

The research showed that the percentage risk to business is greater than most people would imagine. If your sector is identified in the responses, you should perhaps consider the standard of your facilities and restroom on offer.

Your customers will instantly take note of the hygiene standards in your premises and may consider any poor standards in washrooms or restrooms as representing the standards across your whole business, meaning that poor standards can make a lasting, harmful impression.

The Axiene Clean Touch system is a simple, cost effective, sustainable, aesthetic and proven method to reduce hygiene risk for your customers, that would complement your cleaning regime to demonstrate high hygiene standards and care for your customers.

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