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Cleaning and hygiene to be made a national priority

Experts are urging for a national emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene as a response to the emergence of a new COVID-19 variant. The British Cleaning Council (BCC) has called upon the government to prioritize cleaning and hygiene practices, fully endorsing the recommendations put forth last year by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Cleaning and Hygiene Industry. These recommendations, outlined in a report titled “Embedding Effective Hygiene for a Resilient UK,” are seen as essential in bolstering the UK’s resilience against common infections like COVID variants and the flu.

This call to action has gained significance in light of the increasing cases of the new COVID variant known as Pirola within the UK. Delia Cannings, Chair of the BCC, has emphatically urged the Prime Minister and the government to place cleaning and hygiene at the forefront of the national agenda. The emergence of this new COVID variant underscores the critical importance of elevating cleaning and hygiene as a national priority.

The APPG recommendations have been developed with insights from public health experts, as well as professionals in the cleaning and hygiene sector. Implementing these measures would contribute significantly to safeguarding the health of the nation, reducing the incidence of illnesses, and preventing unnecessary deaths. The APPG report draws upon lessons learned from the pandemic, aiming to mitigate risks to public health going forward.

Specifically, the APPG report has put forward the following recommendations:

  1. Agreement on minimum levels of cleaning materials and equipment for immediate availability.
  2. Establishment of minimum standards for hygiene infrastructure and cleaning across various venues.

One notable contributor to these efforts is the Axiene Clean Touch system, which takes pride in its innovative and market-leading technology designed to support the call for improved hygiene standards. This technology provides continuous disinfection of touch surfaces, effectively eliminating germs and ensuring the safety of users.

For organizations interested in enhancing protection for their customers and staff, Axiene invites you to reach out to discuss options for improved hygiene measures.

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