Initial lab testing with graph of bacteria cleaning and JHI report

The initial concept for the material and anti-microbial performance was proven by laboratory tests and NHS Hairmyres Hospital near Glasgow. The double blind trials and assessment verified that the continual clean-touch treatment of the surface material ensured a safe surface for users.


Overview of trials and feedback from care homes and Skypark offices

To prove that users like the concept and the benefits of the Axiene product, trials have been completed in a number of facilities such as care homes and offices, where the installed handle has been subject to heavy-duty use and independent microbiological assessment on completion of the trial period. Noting the standard dimensions for the handle, the test unit can be fitted easily and the original handle restored after the trial. The microbiological assessments confirmed the lab tests and verified that the handle surface remains in a clean and safe state for users. Survey of users was also completed with clear feedback that the handle would be preferred, recommended and easily accepted in common use doorways, etc.


Comparison with other products based on the flier chart table

Axiene helps you to get a handle on infection control within your workplace, improves hygiene and safeguards your business. Unlike many available fluid, gel, spray or metal coating based products available, Axiene uses clean-touch technology that feels pleasant, encourages people to use the handle, kills pathogens in seconds and doesn’t rely on people remembering to use the supplementary cleaning gels.

The antibacterial door handle uses a superior disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria in seconds and provides continuous protection for all users with no health, safety or environmental concerns, as proven by NHS testing.