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Hand hygiene is one of the most important steps we can take to prevent the spread of infection and diseases, especially in public spaces where we frequently come into contact with numerous touch surfaces and interactions with people. However, despite its importance, hand hygiene is often overlooked or neglected in public spaces, increasing the risk and occurrence of illness and infection.

The problems with hand hygiene in public spaces are multifaceted, ranging from lack of access to handwashing facilities, inadequate hand hygiene practices, and limited awareness about the importance of hand hygiene. Some of the key reasons why hand hygiene is a major concern in public spaces are:

1. Limited access to handwashing facilities: Many public spaces, such as public transport stations, parks, and shopping centres, lack adequate handwashing facilities. Even where facilities exist, they may not be easily accessible, clean, or well-maintained. This limits people’s ability to practice good hand hygiene, increasing the risk of the spread of infections and diseases.

2. Inadequate hand hygiene practices: Even where handwashing facilities exist, people may not practice good hand hygiene. For instance, they may not use soap or water, they may not wash their hands for long enough, or they may not dry their hands properly. This means that even if people have access to handwashing facilities, they may still be at risk of infections and diseases.

3. Limited awareness about the importance of hand hygiene: Many people are not aware of the importance of hand hygiene, or they may not understand the proper hand hygiene techniques. This means that even if they have access to handwashing facilities and practice hand hygiene, they may not do so effectively.

The consequences of inadequate hand hygiene in public spaces can be severe. Infections and diseases can spread quickly, leading to outbreaks and epidemics. This can have significant social and economic costs, such as increased healthcare expenses and reduced productivity.

With limited adequate facilities and with limited compliance, there remains a problem of inadequate hand hygiene in public spaces which can be addressed by the use of new hygiene technologies. 

Axiene Hygienic Handles are the easiest way to ensure hand hygiene compliance. Axiene Hygienic Handles help to reduce the spread of infections and diseases by providing a simpler, more hygienic option for users and multi-occupancy facilities. Axiene improves compliance and also helps to reduce the need for frequent cleaning and disinfection, as they are designed to be easily maintained.

Overall, Axiene hygienic handles are a promising solution for improving hand hygiene in public spaces, and they are likely to become more widely adopted as awareness of the importance of hand hygiene continues to grow.

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