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Are Germ-Free Handles Truly Effective in Promoting Hygiene?

In the ongoing quest for cleanliness and hygiene, the emergence of hygienic door handles has garnered attention as a potential solution to reduce the transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses. These handles are designed to inhibit the growth of germs on their surfaces, offering an appealing promise of enhanced hygiene. 

Hygienic handles can be classified into 2 groups:

  • Passive protection: where the product is manufactured from, or is coated or wrapped in, a bacteria reactive or bacteria resistant material. The handle replicates non-hygienic handle design with no noticeable anti-bacterial action.
  • Active protection: where the product provides a positive action to provide disinfection of the hands or surface and demonstrates a treatment action from the handle.

To determine the effectiveness of each group, we must consider several factors and potential limitations:

1. Contact-time: The anti-bacterial properties of materials or surface coatings provide a passive treatment where the surface slowly reacts with germs or bacteria to break-down the bacteria over an extended time, with the time-period typically lasting up to 6 hours. Disinfectant treatments are tested and certified to ensure accelerated contact times for improved protection.

2. Efficacy: Passive anti-bacterial materials or surface coatings generally react with bacteria only and do not address the wider risks from other infectious germs such as microbes, virus, or spores. Disinfectants can offer broad-spectrum protection against bacteria, spores, and microbes.

3. Maintenance: The antibacterial properties of hygienic handles can diminish over time, particularly if they are not properly maintained. Regular cleaning and care are essential to ensure their ongoing effectiveness.

4. Frequency of use: In high traffic/frequent use facilities, a rapid treatment time is required to defeat any germs and reduce user risk. For regular use facilities, such as a toilet or restroom, it is recommended that a maximum treatment/contact time of 1 minute is acceptable to prevent transmission of infection.

5. User Behaviour: The success of germ-free handles also relies on user behaviour. People must still practice good hand hygiene – these handles do not eliminate the need for clean hands.

Hygienic handles have the potential to contribute positively to hygiene and safety in various settings, but they are not a panacea. Their effectiveness is influenced by efficacy, maintenance, and user behaviour. 

Axiene Hygienic Handles stand out as the most effective product in the market today. The innovative design and technology is specifically engineered to provide an ongoing active treatment of the touch surface where the continual replenishment of a broad-spectrum disinfectant combats the repeated surface contamination from users hands to maintain hand hygiene in public spaces. Axiene handles not only inhibit the growth of germs on their surfaces but also actively promote proper hand hygiene compliance. 

The simple operation reduces the risk from potentially contaminated surfaces, making them exceptionally hygienic. With easy maintenance and long-lasting durability, Axiene handles provide a sustainable solution for reducing the spread of infections and diseases. The holistic approach, combining simplicity, hygiene, and education, positions Axiene as a top choice for ensuring the highest standards of hand hygiene in multi-user spaces.

Striking the Balance: The Rise of Sustainable Hygiene Products in a Germy World

Hygiene products must have proven efficacy in order to kill germs, help keep users healthy, and protect environments. Companies need to strike a balance between performance, sustainability and cost. However, thanks to development and new innovations, more sustainable products are now available to the hygiene sector.

The efficient use of disinfectant in the Axiene Clean Touch System means that Axiene uses less disinfectant and reduces the purchasers operating costs. Axiene fluid evaporates to hydrogen and water with no residue, leaving a treated surface without any environmental concerns, and as the fluid is proven to protect against germs and bacteria, the Axiene Clean Touch System can offer an improvement in all areas without having to compromise on performance sustainability or cost. 

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