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Axiene is the Best Solution for Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hand hygiene is critical for preventing the spread of infection and disease, particularly in public spaces where people frequently come into contact with numerous touch surfaces and interactions. However, hand hygiene is often neglected or overlooked, leading to a higher risk of illness and infection. Axiene Hygienic Handles can help to address these issues by providing a simpler, more hygienic option for users and multi-occupancy facilities, improving compliance and reducing the need for frequent cleaning and disinfection. As awareness of the importance of hand hygiene grows, Axiene handles are likely to become a more widely adopted solution for improving hand hygiene in public spaces.

Foolproof Infection Prevention for better Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hand hygiene is crucial to preventing the spread of infections and diseases. However, compliance rates are often low in public spaces, and lack of access to handwashing facilities is a major concern. Inadequate hand hygiene can lead to outbreaks of diseases, resulting in significant social and economic costs. Fortunately, solutions like Axiene Hygienic Handles can provide an easy way to ensure hand hygiene compliance and reduce the risk of infection spread.

How people really feel about poor hygiene in public spaces.

Public concern about hygiene standards in multi-occupancy facilities is growing, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Surveys and studies have shown that many people are worried about catching diseases from touching surfaces in public spaces, and that they believe hygiene standards in these spaces need improvement. Hand hygiene is an important way to prevent the spread of infections, but compliance rates are often low in public spaces. Axiene provided continual surface protection, demonstrates that facilities are addressing hygiene concerns and is an easy way to ensure hand hygiene compliance by users

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