Axiene VH01 Pull Handle

Axiene VH01 Clean-Touch Handle
Exceptional Product Benefits

Axiene VH01 anti-bacterial & anti-viral pull handle blends innovative materials and anti-infection technologies with ergonomic design to deliver hygiene you can depend on – killing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.

Simple Installation

Designed to industry standard 225mm bolt pitch ensures Axiene VH01 is quick and easy to fit with no power or connections needed.

Lifecycle Costs

The Axiene VH01 provides the most cost-effective method of ensuring continual user protection. The innovative design allows the simple maintenance tasks to be carried out by existing staff.

Ergonomically Designed

The Axiene VH01 grip material and clean touch design feels pleasant and is safe to use offering a non-slip surface that encourages use.

Simple Maintenance

Innovative design ensures that the securely locked system can be refilled in seconds. A protective sleeve prevents product damage.


Axiene VH01 pull handle consistently ensures surface contamination levels of <0.1cfu’s/cm2 surpassing international regulations and NHS recommendations for clean surfaces.

Axiene VH01 Pull Handle 1

Infection Protection

Clean touch technology on the grip surface ensures all users are protected by active treatment.

Continual Care

Clean touch technology delivers infection protection on the complete grip area, continually replenishing the surface with anti-bacterial & anti-viral fluid. Axiene fluid has proven efficacy against Coronavirus and other enveloped viruses and bacteria.

World Leading Protection

The advanced Axiene fluid provides ongoing active protection on the handle grip surface and also provides a mild lingering protection on the hands.

User Value

Axiene VH01 offers superior efficacy and lower costs than existing sanitiser dispensing systems, representing exceptional value-for-money for end users.

International Compliance

Axiene fluid conforms to the international standards: BS EN 1500: 2013, BS EN 14476:2013+A2:2019, BS EN 1276


Axiene offers affordable protection to support user safety in sectors such as healthcare, food processing, hospitality, education or leisure and is specifically designed for any public or private use, multi-person occupied facility. Axiene provides a safe, efficient and cost-effective method of maintaining hygienic surfaces on, arguably, the most commonly touched of surfaces.

Use of Axiene in residential, institutional and industrial applications provides a way to reduce the risk of cross infection. This means improved wellbeing for your customers and your business and related opportunities to offer market leading infection control and care.

Axiene Handle

Axiene Fluid

Fit for Purpose

Axiene fluid is certified for use as a disinfectant providing anti-bacterial & anti-viral fluid protection by killing 99.999% of bacteria and effective against enveloped viruses including Coronavirus.

Axiene fluid contains a unique blend of food safe ingredients based on an approved formulation by the WHO. Axiene fluid is water based, free from alcohol, quats, chlorine and benzalkonium chloride and provides a mild lingering disinfection on the hands in addition to the ongoing active protection on the grip surface of the handle.

Axiene fluid is classified as non-hazardous under COSHH.

Axiene fluid is non-flammable, odourless and decays to oxygen and water and leaving no sticky fouling or harmful by-products.


• EN1500; tested as a hygenic handrub
• EN1276; Surface disinfectants and antiseptics for use in food, industrial domestic and institutional areas.
• EN14476; Disinfectants and antiseptics tested against bacteria and viruses.
• Approved to European Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) 528/201

User Value

Axiene provides continual fluid overlay on the grip surface to protect both the handle touch surface and your hands. Unlike common gel dispensers that only protect hands, Axiene does not consume fluid on a shot-per-use basis when the handle is touched so, Axiene offers greater end-user value.

Operating comparisons show that an Axiene handle will consume approximately 1L of Axiene fluid per month irrespective of the number of users however shot-per-use dispensers may consume 3-4L of fluid per month. Axiene will reduce labour intensive maintenance and will reduce consumable costs.

Axiene represents exceptional value-for-money for end users proven by the superior efficacy and the related lower costs.

Proven Performance & Further Information

Ongoing trials and swab test analysis have demonstrated that Axiene can consistently reduce the bio-burden on the full grip area of the handle. This low pathogen count greatly reduces the risk of infection transmission and improves safety for all users.