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A New Approach,
to Infection Protection

A hygienic, antibacterial Clean Touch System providing market leading surface protection.

Axiene hygienic door handle is a standard-size handle that provides active protection against 99.999% of bacteria and viruses to all users.


95% of people don't wash their hands properly after using the toilet.

High contact surfaces spread infection. Human hands carry millions of bacteria that are easily transferred when contacting high touch surfaces such as door handles.

Axiene’s Clean Touch Door handle actively safeguards the touch surface to improve safety for everyone.

Axiene Better Protects
Multi-Occupancy Facilities




Public Spaces

Proven to be the most effective approach to infection prevention.

Axiene can be used by businesses and institutions to improve the health of their facilities, boost the confidence of their employees or visitors and demonstrate their own duty-of-care as a responsible and caring organisation.

Axiene Handle Product Comparison Table

Staff & visitors prefer Axiene protected facilities.

“I prefer using Axiene compared to standard handles as it keeps my mind at rest that the contact point is a continually sanitised surface.”

Axiene Better Protects
Multi-Occupancy Facilities

in minutes

Axiene uses standard bolt pitch, allowing quick fitting and retrofitting to existing doors.

Lightening Fast Maintenance

The grip section and core can be renewed simply and quickly as part of regular maintenance.

Easy Fluid

The locking system provides a secure and simple refill and allows easy maintenance.

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